Wednesday, March 16, 2011


A state of nothingness achieved. In limbo? Like your mind refuses to spit the venom in it. Nothing more to say; Nothing more to write about; The mind like a closed room refuses to open its walls. Emptiness ahead; Emptiness behind; Hope is a distant memory. Nothing to look forward to. Life has to go on. The same days and nights. But devoid of spirit. Purpose. Life laughing at you. The mundane routine eating you up. You hope you survive this. You have to; For the sake of your loved ones....

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Emptying Darkness
Haunting Despair
Screaming Silence
Unanwered Prayers

I try to laugh
The pain wouldnt go

I try to cry
The tears wouldnt show

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Catch 22

"Whenever I try to make both ends meet. Someone moves the ends.”

My friends and colleagues think I am crazy. “What are you studying for now?” I feel nervous with five pairs of eyes upon me. “It’s nothing. I say defensively, Just needed to complete some research. Trying to complete my thesis.”
“I thought you were done with that”. I am eyed suspiciously.
“Just some small things left.”
For Goodness Sake, can’t you TAKE A BREAK? You have everything one can ask for. A well-settled family life, doting kids, soaring career. And at this age. What more could you ask for?”
She was right. What more? Human beings are not designed to be content. There is the “only if” factor in our lives. We strive night n day to achieve that only, and we manage to achieve our goal, it suddenly loses its significance. Once we are in possession of the ‘only’, the ‘if’ remains or changes its form. It is different for all of us. It could be that dream house, the dream job, a brand new car or a vacation to an exotic resort.
Or as in my case, a higher degree, a prestigious title.
Our whole lives are spent in a catch 22 situation. We spend our lives running a marathon, from one hurdle to another, competing in a senseless and arduous race of wealth, possessions, titles and vanity, reach the finish line only to find another hurdle at the end or that the bar has been raised even further. Even before we have time to ponder over the purpose of competing in the first place. That medal or prize at the end tends to overshadow all other aspect of our lives.

“Life is not about the day you win prizes. It’s about all the days in between.”

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