Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How does  withering of love feel like and what does it look like to the outsider?
A full-bloom flower suddenly gone withering?
A flower slowly withering, losing its beauty by every passing day, its hue the hue of rust, of death.
It does not scream and drop suddenly on the ground. as if stabbed in the heart.

It just slowly, imperceptably fades away. Like the love that has learnt to live without its beloved, who has resigned itself to its fate, is now companions with loneliness and is used to the indifference shown its way.

It reminds itself of the love that was, the fragrance it emits, diminishing. It can feel it, but it can not express it. The epicenter is there no more. And still it carries out, unknown to the world, pretending every thing is under its feeble control....

Monday, February 25, 2013




Silence speaks

When no language suffices

When words become insufficient

It hangs in the air between you & me 

Like water vapours

Tears waiting to be shed..


Silence speaks

It is screaming now

echoing it own shadow of mirth 

Like a clown aping its own actions


Silence speaks

It is mourning the  death

Death of our joys, our dreams, our ambitions

Like a lead wall

Every action, every commotion bouncing back to one's self


And yet 

I sit... silently...

Acting as if nothing has happened

To appear unconcerned...

The tears vanished, unshed....

Absorbed by silence  




Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sometimes you feel like a caged bird that is trapped in a cage, even if the  cage is made of gold, it would still be called a cage. right?

No matter how happy you look from outside, inside you know there is a volcano looking to burst...
But with no outlet, u just let it cook up, until you are ready to burst yourself...